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May 15, 2012 / Lavender and Saffron

…It’s about YOUR money, It’s about YOUR freedom.

The past will continue to be your future if you drag it along with you…

“Why” I do what I do.  To help women achieve Financial Freedom.

I have been helping women with their financial issues, for many years.  And, the biggest and most pervasive money issues I deal with are the stories my clients have around money. And, the sad fact is, if we don’t deal with our financial stories,  you are destined to repeat these habits, behaviors and beliefs over and over and over, at nauseam.  The fact is at some point you will give up trying, and accept the outcome of a life that is less lived.  Your settle and choose the status quo, instead of your dreams and desires.

Whatever your story is about money all those; be it “there isn’t enough, or the “if only’s” stories.  There are thousands of stories we tell ourselves, and I’ve heard almost all of them.

Many of these were  pre-recorded messages that a family member passed along. Which has nothing to do with your belief’s.  But, here you are building your life on some eles’s story.  My Wish for you is that you figure this out, before you reach that point of no return, and poverty is the life-style you will face.

Being financially free takes courage and discipline, and it isn’t hard to achieve.  The truth is your financial future has been in your hands or you’ve turned it over to someone who maybe just a confused as you.  The fact is “you either do  or you don’t”  your financial success depends on your willingness to find the courage to change and ask for help.

How courageous are you?

What Success Alliance is offering are workshops and private Coaching to help you overcome the Financial Stories that are keeping you from claiming your dreams, wishes, intentions and goals.  No matter where you are in life-You can be rich on any income and finish rich than you dreamed possible.

It is a fact, if we were to sit down and be completely honest with ourselves, we find that 90% of your problems can be fixed with a new money attitude.  This is why “getting out of and staying out of debt” is the critical first step, to your financial success.

This first step to understanding your relationship to money, is to know the “why’s” of your money attitudes.

  • Step One – In the Personal Financial Freedom Program.  You will uncover and identify the  stories and the patterns that have kept you from accomplishing your money goals.

This is done by a simple process called “Your Money Personality”.  The results give you an idea of how you think about money.

  • Step Two – Is discovering your unique Money History.

This  process shows us at what age you began to learn about money and the people who influenced you.  These two simple processes are designed to help you re-frame your attitudes, behaviors and beliefs, about you and money.

  • Step Three – Is a process on learning how you use/spend money.
  • Step Four – Is the process of getting you out of debt and developing budgets that work.

Once these Steps have been accomplished, you will start to build your savings program. and determine which types of investments will work best for you.

NOTE:   All of the financial advisors and our outside resources are the best in their industry and they are committed to making a difference in your financial success, too.

If you want to uncover the stories about “why” you don’t have money in your life, then join me at “A Women’s Forum” on 16 June 2012.  Please visit for more information.

If you want to “get started” with your Personal Financial Master Programs,  please call me at 760.716.1500 to get started fulfilling your dreams of financial success.




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